Future History

Acts of Design & Creation.

The story of the making of Hammerhead RVS. London Design Festival 2012 Timothy Mark, New Quebec St. London (Marble Arch)

Also with illustrated talk on Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th

So, if you are up in London for any events during LDF2012 do drop by and take a look.

yeah, long time since, I know...

Many new projects currently underway including 2012 revised pattern of the 'Nimm' chair. Some very exciting exterior bench seating works one of which is a piece about 1/2 size of the 'Sleeping Dragon' - mini dragon perhaps? Perhaps not. It is still 4.5m in all of its curvaceous glory. Vehicle of Dreams is still on going too. Possibly some pics soon, who knows... And, watch out early 2013 for new bronze chair - Kre.

Resting Points/Pigs will Fly

Installation now complete for the new works on the Isle of Harty cycle trail, Shepey, North Kent.'Resting Points' is situated on the RSPB nature reserve viewing site at 'Raptor Point' 'Pigs will Fly' is situated further along the trail near 'Harty' church and 'Harty' Ferry at the edge of the 'Swale' New works linking on the the cycle trail from Leysdown on Sea.

Below shows a series of images from the installation.

Ground works contractors setting the forms permanently with the stainless steel fixings and 'key' foundation blocks on site with concrete foundation mix. Last image above shows project coordinator Louise Francis of FrancisKnight taking a break whilst I am finishing the bolt capping details on the seat planes. Text created by Mark Hewitt - writer in residence for the Leysdown Rose tinted project. Letter carving by Stephen Spooner.

At the edge.

Sculptural installation takes place for the 'Spinney' Village Green, Leysdown on Sea, Isle of Sheppey, U.K. The oak and stainless steel sculptural elements form part of a 'ring' focal point setting for the village. A new rose garden is now to be planted in the beds.

First images, however show the shell beach, not more than 100m from 'The Spinney'


Yesterday evening saw the launch of the Autumn/Winter 2011 edition of 'Luxure' magazine - The Unique Issue For Collectors. The champagne reception held at Asprey's flagship store, 167 New Bond Street, London.

latest Hammerhead RVS chair featured on p 44-49

Origin Trace Forms 002

More trees! Straight trees for straight boards of wood.

This time we are back at RBG Wakehurst Place, Sussex, U.K. on Pearcelands Wood shoreline.

Here the oak trees have been converted into oak stem butts ready for on-site saw milling into boards. Next week - images of the boards arriving at the workshop.

Origin Trace Forms 001

At the start point. - Trees.

Curving trees and straight trees.

First 4 images at Cutler's Wood, Kent. Selecting curving stems of store coppice sweet chestnut and ash wood.

Lower image shows a fine oak tree stem amidst the coppice managed woodland at RBG Wakehurst Place, Sussex. In a previous posting you can see this tree still standing. The larger oak stems here will next be converted in specified board thicknesses and profiles with the use of the Wakehurst Place mobile saw mill. More on that soon

Wood of course grows - it is trees, however, what is less appreciated and understood is - where does that wood in that fine piece of of sculptural seating for example, actually come from? What is the journey from being a standing, growing tree to becoming the final piece?

Point, source and origin.

The trees above are all part of actively managed woodlands - cyclic crop rotations of a sustainable harvestable material.

Selection of wood and timber is vital to achieving the desired end result. At the materials for making start point it really is often or not about the trees. Seeing the potential within the standing tree with a view toward the final form.

Office space.

1st floor Office re furbishments now complete for Hancocks the Jewelers in The Burlington Arcade, London, W1.

This project consisted of Interior design and creation for the 2 office spaces. Main Office comprising: 2 Desks (see earlier posts for more images of these desks) 5 chairs Book case re fit Mirror re make

Hub Office: Complete 'flow' work surface and desk integration around the whole space (see earlier posting for template layout. Design and creation of storage units, fitted shelving Existing Cupboard co ordination.

Below are a couple of images showing how these spaces appeared previously.